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Wilbert van Haneghem

In 2014, the tourist boat I sailed on, sank off the coast of Sumbawa, Indonesia. Our international group of 24 tourists and crew members had to swim and survive in rough waters for over 40 hours. Unfortunately not everyone survived, two people were never found back.Thanks to my training and experience in aviation I managed to give the passengers a briefing and take over the leadership of the captain. The crew was not trained nor prepared for this situation and there was no way of emergency communication.Being an experienced writer, journalist and blogger, I wrote the non-fiction book Shipwrecked in Paradise (Only available in Dutch with the titel Schipbreuk in het paradijs about my ordeal. I give lectures in Dutch about my story.If you are a foreign publisher looking for a story on survival, group dynamics, hope and despair during a shipwreck on vacation, please do contact me.

Examples of my blogs in English for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can be found on the

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